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Highway Code celebrates 80 years on the road

One of Britain's best selling and most iconic publications - the Highway Code - is 80 years-old today.

14 April 2011

ASG yn cyhoeddi cau swyddfa ardal Caerdydd

Mae'r Asiantaeth Safonau Gyrru wedi cyhoeddi eu bod am gau eu swyddfa yn Nhŷ Caradog yng Nghaerdydd.

18 January 2011

DSA announces closure of Cardiff area office

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has announced the closure of its area office at Caradog House in Cardiff.

18 January 2011

Newid ymarferiad brecio ar gyfer profion lorďau, coetsis, bysys a threlars

• Nid yw ymarferiad oddi ar y ffordd yn angenrheidiol bellach • Bydd ymgeiswyr yn cyflawni’r ymarferiad ar y ffordd • Prawf realistig o allu

09 November 2010

Braking exercise change for lorry, coach, bus and trailer tests

•Off-road exercise no longer necessary • Candidates will perform exercise on-road • Realistic test of ability

08 November 2010

DSA to stop publishing questions used in theory tests

• Candidates need to understand theory • End to memorising answers • Unpublished questions used from 1 January 2012

01 November 2010

DSA and SQA honoured in road safety awards

• Prince Michael International Road Safety Award • honour for Safe Road User qualification • qualification aimed at 14-16 year olds

27 October 2010

Independent driving introduced into tests

• Decision-making assessment for candidates • Change to all main categories of test • Not a test of navigation

27 September 2010

Multi-purpose test centre opens at Bredbury

• State of the art centre to open • Improved facilities • Motorcycle testing

20 September 2010

Profiad gyrru go iawn i ddysgwyr

• Manylion y llwybrau prawf yn cael eu tynnu'n ôl • Hwb sgiliau i yrwyr newydd • Y camau olaf at yrru annibynnol

08 September 2010

Real driving experience for learners

• Details of test routes to be withdrawn • Skills boost for new drivers • Countdown to independent driving

08 September 2010

Jail sentence for test impersonator

• Balbir Singh was paid to take tests for other people • DSA welcomes sentence

03 September 2010

Brother and sister jailed for conspiracy over theory tests

• Couple in ‘family business’ • Shopping list of tests covered • Four candidates also in court

20 August 2010

Major road safety milestone as driving test clocks up 75 years of success

The British driving test marks three-quarters of a century of helping keep people safe on the road when it turns 75 on Tuesday 1 June.

29 May 2010

Leicester’s Welford Road test centre to close

• Review of service • Alternative facilities • More cost effective estate

31 March 2010