Integration within Policy & Strategy

The integration of cycling into local policy documents is a key element to promoting more cycling. As well as transport plans and strategies, this needs to include wider policy documents notably in the planning and health sectors.

This section covers the integration of cycling within key policy documents as well as the development of specific cycling strategies. However, it also considers the effective co-ordination between sections / departments with a role in cycling promotion and ensuring that pro cycling policies and commitments are implemented.

Linked to this is effective consultation and dialogue with key stakeholder groups and the general public, including users and potential users, and involving stakeholders in developing and delivering the cycling strategy.

Reports Available

Cycle Action Plan, Norwich (pdf)
Norwich City Council sought some early guidance and an overview on a Cycling Action Plan for the City.

A Cycling Strategy for the University of Exeter (pdf)
As part of the Cycling Town project, Devon County Council and Exeter City Council have published a cycling strategy and action plan aiming to integrate the university into the wider work of the Cycling Towns project.

Great Waltham Cycling Village Initiative, Essex (pdf)
Advice on encouraging every-day ‘utility’ type cycling trips within and from the village, with a particular emphasis on delivering a link to the outskirts of Chelmsford.

How Cycling Can Contribute to Cutting Carbon (pdf)
Presentation made to Yorkshire Forward conference on Transport: Cutting Carbon, on how cycling can contribute.

Review of Cycling Development Action Plan, Cumbria CC (pdf)
Following Cabinet approval of the Cumbria County Council Cycling Development Action Plan in 2004, a Cycling Development Action Team was established to carry forward its ‘Actions’. Some of the actions have been superseded by events, some have ‘fallen by the wayside’, while on others there has been progress. Cumbria CC requested assistance to review the status of the Action Plan, identifying how they should move forward with a refreshed Plan.

Review of Cycling Strategy, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council (pdf)
Within the Borough cycling activity as a mode of travel is small, with less than 1% of all journeys being made by bicycle. Ultimately the opportunity to increase cycling activity is very high, although a number of real and perceived barriers need to be addressed. As part of its ongoing commitment to cycling the Council plans to update its Cycling Strategy and requested assistance to provide an overview of the existing situation, and recommendations for the future scope and direction of a cycling strategy.

Cycle Projects Funding Spreadsheet (pdf)
This table lists possible sources of funding for capital and revenue cycle projects. It has been complied to help local authority officers identify additional funding sources over and above Local Transport Plan funding. Users should read the guidance notes for each grant on the funders’ web sites to check if their project is eligible. We would welcome information about other sources of funding, please send to

Cycling Officer Job Profile and Person Description

Cycling England has been asked for advice on the job profile and role description of a cycling officer. This will clearly need to be tailored to the specific situation, but to assist with this we have made a number of examples available on this website:

Further Resources

Cycling England’s Smart Measures Portfolio - initiatives that combine incentives, information, training and promotion

Cycling England’s Design Checklist and Portfolio - current infrastructure guidance and best practice

Cycling England’s photo Gallery

Best Practice Case Studies from the CTC Benchmarking Project

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