Smart Measures Portfolio

To achieve Cycling England’s aim of ‘more people cycling, more safely, more often’, physical improvements in Infrastructure for Cyclists should be coupled with a programme of ’smart’ measures and political support.


Key Principle

This portfolio deals with ‘Smart Measures’ that combine incentives, information, training and promotion, and are closely tailored to the needs of a specific target market. Cycling England is also providing support to elected members keen to promote cycling through the political system within their area.

The general principles of a smart programme to encourage cycling are introduced in the Overview section. The guidance includes the following elements:

SM00 Introduction (pdf)

SM01 Understanding the potential cycling market (pdf)

SM02 Personal travel planning (pdf)

SM03 Targeted marketing of specific routes (pdf)

SM04 Promotional events (pdf)

SM05 Cycle route information maps and signage (pdf)

SM06 Residential travel plans (pdf)

SM07 Cycling and public transport (pdf)

SM08 Cycle training programmes (pdf)

SM09 Cycling to work (pdf)

SM10 Cycling to school (pdf)

SM11 Cycling to shops (pdf)

SM12 Recreational cycling (pdf)

SM13 Reaching types of people who are less likely to cycle (pdf)

SM14 Cycle Hire (pdf)

SM15 Stakeholder Engagement (pdf)

SM16 Programme Delivery Good Practice (pdf)

Further Resources

Cycling England’s Design Checklist and Portfolio - current infrastructure guidance and best practice

Cycling England’s photo Gallery

Best Practice Case Studies from the CTC Benchmarking Project

Useful Documents

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