Good Practice Sharing Websites

The Department for Transport’s website pulls together a range of material relevant to regional and local transport.  This includes documents and information relating to strategy, policy, legislation, guidance, research and funding.

The Local Transport Planning Network is a website designed for transport professionals and politicians in local authorities, PTEs, government bodies and transport consultancies. It provides a means for sharing best practice, carrying out process and performance benchmarking, and enables the development of transport policy ideas on a national level.

The Transport Advice Portal (TAP) is a joint venture involving the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Institution of Highways and Transportation (IHT).

TAP is a paper-free technical library devised to help users find the up-to-date documents they need when planning, designing and operating road networks in the UK. The portal acts as a one-stop-shop depository of web links to core documents produced by a range of organisations.

The UK Roads Liaison Group brings together the national governments of the UK, together with local highway authority representatives, to consider issues relating to the management of the UK’s highway infrastructure. Together with its constituent boards (the UK Bridges Board, the UK Lighting Board, the UK Network Management Board, and UK Roads Board) it provides advice to government at all levels, as well as commissioning research and publishing guidance. The website provides access to the Group’s codes of practice, its asset management guidance and the outcomes of its research.

The Road Safety Time Bank was developed by the six 2006 road safety beacon councils and project managed by one of them: Northamptonshire County Council and its partners The Time Bank is a members – based hub. The concept can map the total skills, knowledge and production capacity of road safety teams across the country and encourage and manage the ‘trading’ of time and expertise between multiples of authorities.  The Road Safety Time Bank will ensure that any road safety team is able to access a range of good practice examples, support and expertise. 

UK-MoRSE is the project to provide a national road safety performance monitoring database across the UK.  The system is being developed and managed pro bono by the GreenSafe Foundation, with the encouragement of a number of organisations.  UK-MoRSE is free to users and has a data policy that tightly controls access to and use of the data.  The system is entirely web-based at:

UK-MoRSE can answer questions such as: ‘How many collisions is my road safety engineering scheme likely to save?’

UK-MoRSE is still under development and the GreenSafe Foundation is keen to implement extra queries and improvements as users request them.  For more information email