Guidance on the preparation of port master plans

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Annex A

Checklist for possible master plan contents

The following list represents a possible contents list for a master plan. In practice the nature and emphasis of contents should be tailored to local circumstances and priorities and we certainly would not expect every plan to conform to this pattern. However, it offers a checklist of core issues, and ports should be able to satisfy themselves and the public, if any item is to be omitted, that there is good reason for this.

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. Forecasts

4. Infrastructure proposals

5. Safeguarding, property and blight

6. Inland access

7. Coastal shipping connectivity

8. Social and economic impacts/regeneration

9. Safety and security

10. Environmental impacts: overview

11. Habitats

12. Water pollution, marine spatial planning and the Water Framework Directive

13. 'Local' emissions and 'cold ironing'

14. 'Global' emissions, climate change and extreme weather events

15. Noise

16. Next steps

17. Arrangements for later review and update

18. Summary of questions (in consultation draft)

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