Local Authority Beach Supervisor Course Bids

We will arrange these courses for local authorities, however we have limited resources and can only provide six Beach Supervisor courses across the UK each year. Due to this limitation we have to consider each bid on its merits and will give priority to bids that maximise effectiveness by covering as much of the coastline as possible with the widest range of personnel. Please consider the following when preparing your bid:

  • Include neighbouring councils in the bid to increase the total coastline covered by the personnel attending the course;
  • Ensure that all relevent personnel in each council involved are available to attend the course.

A course that covers multiple authorities, training the maximum number of people who will then cover the maximum amount of coast line possible will be given priority above all other bids.

Please click here for inf_note_2010-11.pdfa list of training courses and application form.

Please submit your bids to neil.chapman@mcga.gov.uk

Training Course Material

1. Introduction
(PDF 478 KB)

2. Shoreline Response Centre
(PDF 67.3 KB)

3. Problems of Oil Spill Response
(PDF 902 KB)

4. Methods of Response - Booming
(PDF 755 KB)

5. Methods of Response - Inshore Recovery
(PDF 774 KB)

6. Methods of Response - Shoreline Clean - up
(PDF 541 KB)

7. Health and Safety
(PDF 34.9 KB)

8. The management of waste in marine spills
(PDF 712 KB)

9. Abbreviations and useful Website Links
(PDF 25.6 KB)

10. Example Timetable
(PDF 36.1 KB)


Residential Oil Pollution Training Courses

As detailed in the joining instructions, we will not be providing a course folder. Therefore please download the course material and ensure you bring this with you to the course.

If you experience any difficulties in downloading this, please contact Julie Phippard on Tel: 023 80329 152.

PLEASE NOTE: These residential courses are purely academic and do not include a practical element. Local Authorities who wish to arrange a more hands on course should bid for a Local Authority Beach Supervisor Course as detailed above.

Training Course Material

Please see the links below for the current information to be printed prior to course attendance:

1.    The Role of the MCA
The role of the MCA & Contingency Planning in UK Oil Spill Response.

2.    Organisation of Oil Spill Response in the UK
Who is involved and who does what.

3.    The Shoreline Response Centre
Philosophy, role, membership and responsibilities of a SRC and its component groups.

4.    Fate and Behaviour of Oil Spilled at Sea
The properties of Crude Oil and refined products and how they behave in the Marine Environment.

5.    At Sea Oil Spill Response Options
Options available for responding to oil pollution at sea in the UK and the use of dispersants.

6.    Near-Shore Oil Spill Response
The deployment of booms to protect resources and collect oil and the use of skimmers in recovering oil.

7.    Shoreline Clean-Up Techniques
The general principles, phases & techniques of shoreline clean up.

Environment Agency 8.    Waste Management in Oil Spill Response
The role of waste management sub-group and the need for a substainable approach.
Scottish Environment Protection Agency 8.    Waste Management in Oil Spill Response
The role of waste management sub-group and the need for a substainable approach.

9.    Environmental Impact and Oil Spill Response
How oil affects the environment and the role of the Environment Group inpoviding advice during an incident.

10.    Health and Safety in Oil Spill Response
Who is at risk, what are the hazards and control measures during oil spill response.

11.    Cost Recovery
The mechanisms for cost recovery after an incident.

12.    Media Issues

13.    Abbreviations and useful Website Links

14.    Timetable