South East Airports Taskforce

Terms of Reference


  • the need to promote a competitive aviation industry and to support UK economic growth;
  • the Government’s commitments to a low-carbon economy and to reducing local environmental impacts of aviation, including noise;
  • the Government’s policy not to support new runways at Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick airports, but to improve the performance of airports for those who use them;

The South East Airports Taskforce will:

  • Review and understand the existing runway, terminal and other capacity constraints at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, taking account of demand for air travel and the Government’s commitment to a low-carbon and eco-friendly economy;
  • Identify and investigate options for making best use of this capacity, including scope for improving airport efficiency, reducing delays, greater reliability and enhancing the passenger experience to, from and within the airport, whilst having regard to the local environmental implications of any measures;
  • Investigate how best to capture and respond to passenger concerns at an airport level;
  • Input into separate work already in hand to look at security and border controls;
  • Develop a programme of action, whether by Government or the parties, by July 2011, including early action and measures for the longer term.


The Aviation Minister will chair the Taskforce meetings and the initial membership will include one :

  • BAA representative for Heathrow and one for Stansted
  • GIP representative for Gatwick
  • representative from Civil Aviation Authority
  • representative from National Air Traffic Services
  • representative from British Airways
  • representative from Virgin Atlantic
  • representative from easyJet
  • representative from Ryanair
  • representative from Air Transport Users Council
  • representative from London First
  • representative from Aviation Environment Federation
  • representative from Airport Operators Association

There may be a requirement for further industry and government members as the group’s detailed work programme develops.

Other Attendees

  • Private Office
  • Paper authors - in attendance during discussion of their papers
  • Secretariat from Airports Policy Division

Conduct of Business

  • Meetings will normally be held every 2 months;
  • The deadline for receipt of papers will be five working days before each meeting. A briefing pack will be collated by the Secretariat and circulated to members no less than two working days before the meeting;
  • Meetings will be minuted and decisions recorded and, once agreed, published on DfT’s website;
  • When absent, group members may send substitutes where necessary and where reports need representing;
  • If unable to attend, the Minister of State will nominate the Director General of International Networks and the Environment or the Director of Aviation to chair the meeting;
  • The group may establish sub-groups, as necessary, to handle detailed issues. These groups will have their own terms of reference, as agreed, and report to the Taskforce at each meeting;
  • The group will be supported by a secretariat from the Airports Policy Division in DfT.

South East Airports Taskforce - meeting documentation

South East Airports Taskforce - meeting documentation.

14 September 2010

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