Case study - IT Trainer and Business Support

Julie moved into training from an administration background.  She started by providing training support to other administration staff on a one-to-one basis.  At this stage in her career she provided input on Microsoft Word and Outlook.  Over a period of about three years this role developed into that of a Senior Trainer.  As a Senior Trainer Julie was delivering training in all aspects of Microsoft Office to individuals and groups.  She was also providing the training necessary for staff to achieve ECDL qualifications. 

Julie developed her skills to support her role as she progressed and also acquired the appropriate qualifications.  This has been a feature of her career progression to date, accessing learning and development opportunities to support her progression in a focussed way.

More recently a major re-organisation of the IT department meant that Julie’s role was at risk.  At the time there was friction in the department due to frequent changes and constant reorganisation.  In addition, people were carrying out the same role, but were on different grades, which also caused difficulties.  As a result of the reorganisation Julie transferred to her present Trust via the TUPE process.  This new role has provided Julie with the opportunity to complete a Certificate in Education.

Julie is happy in her present role and has no immediate plans for a career change.  The systems are always being upgraded so there is always a need to develop new skills and knowledge suitable for the work.  However, Julie has an interest in learning more about project management to enhance her skills with regard to clinical systems roll out, which as an increasingly important function in the Trust.

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