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How to use search

The search facility is located in the top-left corner of every page, above the navigation list.

At its simplest, a search query can be just a word. But you can refine your search to give you more complete results. Look for a phrase by typing the whole phrase. For example, type ‘special notices’ (without the quotes) to find the exact phrase Special Notices. Note the search is not case-sensitive.

Search results can be sorted via relevancy to your keywords or in date order. If the search results provided are too long, you can refine the search by adding more keywords or using the functionality on the “Advanced” screen (available when pressed the advanced button).

The search not only looks through the web pages, but also all text in the PDF documents hosted on the site. If you are however looking for an operator’s details, or information contained in the Applications and Decisions, or Notices and Proceedings, we suggest you use the Operator Licensing Self-ServiceLinks to another website. search services (see Online Services), which will provide with more information.

Page last updated: 01/10/2006

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