Life-Saving Appliance Service Stations

The links on this page refer to the manufacturer appointed, MCA approved service stations in the UK for Inflatable Liferafts, Inflatable Boats, Rescue Boats, Fast Rescue Boats (RIBs), Inflatable Lifejackets and Hydrostatic Release Units.

All commercial vessels and pleasure vessels over 13.7 metres under the UK flag, and International vessels operating under SOLAS, must have inflatable life-saving appliances serviced at an approved service station at the intervals prescribed by the Regulations.

Marine Guidance Note (MGN) 362 (M+F) gives further information and guidance on this subject and includes the data provided here as Appendices 1 and 2. The MGN can be found in the Guidance and Regulations section of this website.

The service station and manufacturers address lists included here will be regularly updated. In order to keep this up-to-date, please notify us at of any changes or additions. These will be amended and included in the MGN at each annual publishing.