Supporting Resources for All Trainers


This section provides further useful resources for all trainers and training managers.

ETD Standards

The NHS ETD Community and Department of Health (DH) Informatics Directorate have jointly developed a set of standards and supporting guidance, tools and templates. These provide support to trainers and training managers in designing, delivering and evaluating their training. 
An ETD Standards Online Benchmarking Application has been developed so that NHS training services can assess themselves against the ETD Standards.

Access the ETD Standards


A number of resources can be accessed on the NHS Connecting for Health (CFH) website:

•e-Learning Developers community
• The e-Learning readiness assessment toolkit which can be used by organisations and individuals who are implementing (or preparing to implement) e-Learning 
• Information about the National Learning Management System
• e-Learning courses to support national applications, like Electronic Prescription Service and Summary Care Record
• Training Evaluation skills course for trainers

Access the eLearning pages of the NHS CFH website

Networking via the ETD eSpace Community

There are some online communities you may find useful to join: ETD & IMT Training Managers, ETD Standards and ETD Practitioner.   These online groups will allow you to network with other training colleagues by sharing good news and good practice, asking for advice and guidance and discussing training-related topics.
If you are not already a member, the link below will allow you to register and request access to the different communities

Access eSpace

ETD Practitioner Careers Pathway Summary

This summary outlines the recommendations for the development of ETD Practitioners following work commissioned by NHS CFH in 2008.

Access the ETD Practitioner Careers Pathway Summary

Mentoring and Coaching

This section of the NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CFH) website provides valuable information about mentoring and coaching, including a mentoring toolkit.   
Access information about Mentoring and Coaching
Direct access to the Mentoring toolkit

Action Learning Sets

Action learning (or learning from experience and then acting on that learning) is used extensively in the NHS.  The North West SHA has developed resources and an information pack for those who are interested in running their own action learning sets.
Further Information on the North West SHA Action Learning Set
Download the North West’s Action Learning Pack  (pdf, 98KB)

Other areas of the NHS, like the Clinical Leaders Network, the NHS Confederation and the South East Coast SHA use action learning sets in a number of leadership programmes.

Health Informatics Career Framework

The aim of the career framework is to identify and open up career opportunities in health informatics. It is designed to help individuals plan their own careers, and to assist organisations in planning their workforce in this important area.
Access the Health Informatics Career Framework 

Health Informatics Qualifications Finder

This is a searchable database for health informatics-related courses and qualifications within the UK that provide entry to and further study within the field of Health Informatics.
Access the Health Informatics Qualification Finder

Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management team at DH Informatics has developed tools and resources for developing skills in knowledge management, to help you share and apply knowledge and experience in your everyday activities.  To find out more about how using the principles of knowledge management:
Access information about knowledge management in the NHS

The Benefits of Informatics Zone (The Biz)

If there are aspects of your work that involve benefits and change management, you may find some useful information and resources on the Department of Health’s Informatics Benefits of Informatics Zone. You need to be on the NHS network to access it. 
Access the Benefits of Informatics Zone