The Department for Transport produce and support software for assessing whether road schemes provide value for money, publications providing guidance on how to predict the traffic impacts of road schemes, and traffic growth forecasts.

The Transport Users Benefit Appraisal (TUBA)

TUBA (Transport Users Benefit Appraisal) is a computer program developed for DfT to undertake an economic appraisal for a multi-modal transport study.

COBA 11 user manual

The COBA (COst Benefit Analysis) program compares the costs of providing road schemes with the benefits derived by road users (in terms of time, vehicle operating costs and accidents), and expresses the results in terms of a monetary valuation.

QUADRO4 User Manual currently DMRB volume 14

The purpose of QUADRO4 (QUeues And Delays at ROadworks) is to provide a method for assessing the total cost of major road maintenance works.


The TEMpro program has been designed for fast and efficient access to the national Trip End Model projections of growth in travel demand, and the underlying car ownership and planning data projections.

DIADEM software

DIADEM (Dynamic Integrated Assignment and DEmand Modelling) is software designed to enable practitioners to easily set up variable demand models that are consistent with the advice in WebTAG.

01 December 2006

Integrated Transport Economics and Appraisal - software available

Information on available appraisal software.

23 January 2006

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