History of Valuing People Now

Valuing People Now had a vision for people with learning disabilities and their families.  It focused on rights, independence, choice and inclusion.  It looked for new ways to give people and their families a voice, and to be at the centre of their own plans.  It was about people with learning disabilities getting the right support to have more control over their own lives.

The cross-Government group, Putting People First (2007) , set out plans for ‘collaboration between central and local government, professional leadership, providers and the regulator in developing a future for social care services that supports people to live independently, stay healthy and have the best possible quality of life, irrespective of illness and disability’. As part of this, it confirmed a shift in emphasis towards greater personalisation of services, including a greater focus on person centred approaches and personal budgets over the next few years.

Valuing People Now is the strategy to take forward the implementation of the policy set out in Valuing People in this wider developing social policy context.

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