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Programme Centres

Programme Centres are run on behalf of Jobcentre Plus by a range of providers from the public, private and voluntary sectors. They can provide you with help with job applications along with practical advice on looking for jobs.

Programme Centres

You may be able to get free help with job applications at one of the Jobcentre Plus programme Centres. You can also get practical advice on looking for jobs, removing barriers to getting and keeping a job, and going back to work.

Programme Centres provide stamps, stationery, newspapers and access to the internet. Many offer learning modules to improve your interview skills and phone techniques. Programme Centres also help you to develop your experience in how to research, apply for and get a job.

Programme Centres also provide help in the form of training sessions which attempt to improve job hunting techniques and, where necessary, restore self-confidence.

If you want to join a Programme Centre you must be:

  • looking for a job, rather than training or taking part in another scheme or programme
  • prepared to attend regularly

Find out more

To find out whether there's a programme centre near you and whether you are eligible to use its services, please contact Jobcentre Plus.

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