Healthy snack ideas

Don’t try and cut out the kids’ favourite snacks all at once - ease them, and yourself, in gently. Here are a few simple ideas to start you off which they probably won’t even notice!

Keep count

Many families are surprised when they actually count up how many sweets, crisps and biscuits they get through and how much they are spending on snacks. Keep count and you’re more likely to cut down - which is good for your kids and for your purse too.

3 regular meals

Kids that eat 3 meals a day shouldn’t need lots of snacks. If your kids seem to be raiding the snack cupboard and biscuit barrel several times a day think about what meals they’re eating and when. Try to aim for 3 regular meals a day.

'2 snacks Max'

To fit in with their 3 meals a day, some families find a good way of limiting snacks is to introduce a snacking limit such as ‘2 snacks Max’. They offer the children just one snack in the morning and one in the afternoon.

It’s not you, it’s the rule

Kids, don’t blame Mum! She’s just sticking to the ‘2 snacks Max’. Mums, don’t feel guilty. If it helps, blame Max!

Chop up the choc

Cut up regular-sized chocolate bars and give a little piece to the kids, instead of a whole bar, when they want a snack. They still get the taste but not nearly so much fat and sugar. Or use the mini, sweet-sized chocolates instead and just let them have one.

Drinks keep tummies full

Drinks can help to keep hunger pangs at bay. If you think the kids have had enough snacks and they’re still saying they’re hungry then try giving them a glass of 100% unsweetened fruit juice or semi-skimmed milk instead. It should fill them up with good stuff until their next meal.

Water it down

If you’re worried they’re drinking too much fruit juice, which is great for their vitamin intake but can still be high in sugar - dilute it with half water. They’ll hardly notice! And always make sure you use 100% unsweetened juice.

One of your 5 A DAY

If you can make one of their snacks a healthier one, all the better. Fruit rather than a biscuit is a great way for children to get more of their 5 A DAY.

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