Case studies: Leaders in the Civil Service

Dominic Brankin Jobcentre Plus is the largest delivery agency within the DWP. As Customer Services Director for the North East, Dom is responsible for ensuring the 45 Jobcentres in his region deliver against their targets and provide a high-quality customer service.

Last updated - 14th December 2008

Dominic Brankin

What does your role involve day-to-day Dom?
There is such variety that it's impossible to describe a typical day. One day I might meet with a large employer in the local community, while the next I could be finalising the year's budget or sitting in on a disciplinary hearing.

I also spend as much time as I can in our Jobcentres, talking to our teams on the frontline. This experience is invaluable when it comes to understanding what support people need and how else I can help them help our customers.

What's the most important element of the leadership framework for your role?
There's no doubt results are vital. We're measured on how quickly we place priority groups into employment, how accurately we deliver benefits and how well we manage those not actively looking for work.

There is also a very strong bias towards capability. I need to ensure we have the people and processes in place to provide the best experience for our customers, now and for the future delivery of welfare to work.

A great example of this is the project to join up people's benefits. Traditionally, individuals have been assessed separately for unemployment benefit, housing benefit and tax credits, which could take up to three months. By combining the processes, we've cut the total time to less than a month and improved the accuracy of payments.

The project was piloted in our region, and I now help to ensure we continue to use the new process to best effect.

What does the framework mean to our leaders?

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