Login help and issues

If you have been having problems with the jobs site

Last updated - 21st January 2011

There are a number of websites that are associated to the Civil Service. You can not use the same login details for all websites. Each site has its own registration process.

  • Civil Service Jobs - this website
  • Civil Service Beta jobs site 
    The service initially covers jobs in the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Work and Pensions. From Spring 2011, it will be be extended across all government departments and agencies and be the single place to look for jobs in the Civil Service.

    If you experiencing a technical problem with this site go to the Contact Us link and work your way through the Q&A. If your problems persists, and once you've gone through the help prompts, you will be able to fill out a form in this section request help.

  • Civil Service Live Network

Known issues

Can't submit forms

HMPS, NOMS, Police and UKBA users have reported problems registering, logging in and retrieving their passwords.

This is caused by the those organisations network security restrictions preventing the recaptcha boxes (used to prevent spam) not displaying on these pages. Consequently users cannot submit the form. If you have this problem, please contact your IT network support and ask for them to add these domains to their white/green lists

In the meantime, you can register using a non-networked PC that is not subject to the security restrictions.

Please do contact us if you have any questions.