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This site is for current and prospective members of the Civil Service pension arrangements.  It also contains links to information for past members  who are not yet receiving their Civil Service pension (we call these preserved pensions) and scheme pensioners who are already receiving their Civil Service pension.
If you want to find out more about your Civil Service pension, this is the site for you!.

News and updates

25 March 2011 - Lord Hutton's report - review into public sector pensions

In the Budget on 23 March, the Government accepted Lord Hutton’s recommendations as the basis for consultation with public sector workers, unions and others.

Following consultation, the Government will set out proposals in the autumn that are affordable, sustainable and fair to both the public sector workforce and to taxpayers.

This Q&A will be updated as matters develop and to reflect the questions which staff and employers are asking.

Pensions Questions and Answers

Archive communications on Hutton report

22 December 2010 - Reform of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme

The new Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS) comes into effect today.  This follows months of discussions and is based on negotiations with five of the six Civil Service unions (FDA, Prospect, GMB, Unite, POA).  It is the largest reform of the scheme since 1987.

The CSCS sets out the terms for voluntary and compulsory redundancy.  The new scheme gives extra protection to the lower paid and those closest to retirement, whilst also setting a cap on payments to higher earners.

Further information
Reform of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme
Legislation - Superannuation Act 2010

2 November 2010 - Pensions and Tax

The Government has announced changes to the tax relief applicable to pensions. The changes aim to restrict tax relief to the most highly paid 

HMRC have produced guidance for individuals

Futher information can also be found on the high earners page where there is a Q&A Briefing for Civil Servants 


April 2011 AMC rate

03th April 2011: The yield used to calculate the AMC for April 2011 is 0.69%

AMC Rate

Archive news and updates


Helping you put the pieces of your pension together ..

  • New entrants

    people on jigsawIf you are starting work with an employer who offers a Civil Service pension or, if you are thinking about joining the Civil Service the new entrant pages provide you with information on what your pension choices are and the actions you need to take on joining.

    I know what scheme I am in - Quick links:


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    I don't know what scheme I am in

    people on jigsawIf you don’t know which pension scheme you are in, you can find out by either checking your most recent Annual Benefit Statement, or asking your pensions administrator.  If you don’t know who your pensions administrator is, you can look up their contact details under our helplines. Select your Civil Service employer from the A-Z listing and this will present the pension administrator details for your employer


    I have a question about my pension

    people on jigsawIf you are working for a Civil Service employer and have a question about your pension it is very likely that the answer is in the scheme guides. The scheme guides are specific to you and should be your first port of call if you have a question about your pension.

  • Scheme Guides

    I can't find the answer in the scheme guides

    We understand that there are always going to be times when you need to ask a question that you cannot find the answer to yourself, under these circumstances please contact your pension administrator. If you do not know who your pensions administrator is please select your employer from the A-Z list on the helplines page - This will present their contact details.


  • Past members (deferred pensions)

    people on jigsawInformation for past members who left employment covered by the Civil Service pension arrangements and who are not yet claiming their Civil Service pension.

  • Information for pensioners

    people on jigsawPeople who have fully retired from employment covered by the Civil Service pension arrangements and are claiming their Civil Service pension.

  • Public Sector Transfer Club
    people on jigsawThe Public Sector Transfer Club (PSTC) is a group of salary-related occupational pension schemes that use special terms to calculate transfer payments for employees who move between member schemes.

    Important things to know:

    Please note that this website provides information about the main provisions of the Civil Service pension and compensation arrangements.  It does not cover every aspect; the full details are contained only in the scheme rules, which are the legal basis of the arrangements.  Nothing on this website can override the main rules, and in the event of any differences the rules will apply.
    Index Linking - Index linking for Civil Service pensions will be according to the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) from April 2011, instead of the Retail Price Index (RPI)