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Bins and waste collection

Your local council is responsible for the collection and disposal of waste in your area. Find out when your bins are collected, how to report a missed collection, what can be recycled and how to dispose of bulky items.

Find out when your bins and waste are collected

Household waste is usually collected from your home on a weekly basis. Waste for recycling and the remainder of the waste is often collected separately and at different intervals. Contact your local council if your bin is missed from the normal collection.

The following links will let you enter details of where you live and then take you to your local council’s website where you can find out more.

Councils are required to operate household waste deposit sites, where you can deposit your household waste  free of charge. If you do take your waste to one of these sites you may need to take proof that you are resident in the area before you can deposit your waste. Contact your local council to find out what its requirements are.

Council bins

Some councils do not supply households with domestic refuse bins. You can contact the waste collection department within your council to see if you can arrange to have a bin. If your bin is lost or stolen you should contact your council straight away. The council will advise you on how you can secure your bin to avoid theft.

Recycling your waste

Nearly two thirds of all household rubbish can be recycled. Many local councils now collect waste for recycling. Some councils provide separate bins for the collection of waste to be recycled. Contact your council if you want to request a recycling container.

How do you dispose of bulky waste items?

Larger items such as furniture, fridges and washing machines may be collected from your home by arrangement for a small charge. Contact your council for a list of items that can be collected and details of charges. If you have a lot of larger items you can take them to your local civic amenity site yourself. Contact your council’s environmental services or waste management department to find out the arrangements in your area.

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