Civil Service Management Code - Amendment 36

Revision of:

Section 9.1: Hours of Work
Section 9.4: Attendance During National Emergencies
Section 9.5: Sick Absence
Section 9.6: Absence Due to Injury, Disease or Assault at Work

Last updated - 23rd December 2008

Statement of changes

1. The purpose of this amendment is to delete the references to the Office of Public Service in paragraphs 9.1.3, 9.4.1, 9.5.3d. and 9.6.2b. following its merger with the rest of the Cabinet Office.


2. Enquiries should be addressed to Cabinet Office.

3. Enquiries about distribution should be addressed to Alan Justice, The Stationery Office (0171 740 4019).

Issued by: Keith Wright, Cabinet Office
Date of issue: January 1999

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