Civil Service Management Code - Amendment 45

Revision of: Section 12.1 Appeals

Last updated - 23rd December 2008

Statement of changes

1. The qualifying period of at least two years continuous employment for appeal to an Employment Tribunal against unfair dismissal (section 108(1) of the Employment Rights Act 1996) will be reduced to one year from I June 1999. The purpose of this amendment is to effect a similar reduction, from I June 1999, in the qualifying period for the right of appeal to the Civil Service Appeal Board. Paragraph 12.1.26c. of the code has been amended accordingly. The new qualifying period will apply to all employees whose effective date of termination, within the meaning of Section 97 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, falls on or after I June 1999.


2. Enquiries about this amendment should be addressed to Sheela Udayakumar, Personnel Management and Pay Division, Cabinet Office (0171/GTN 270 5461).

3. Enquiries about distribution should be addressed to Alan Justice, Tactica Solutions (0171 740 4019).

Issued by: Keith Wright, Cabinet Office
Date of issue: May 1999

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