Information on Public Bodies

This page contains information on public bodies. This includes statistical information on non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs), links to more detailed information on NDPBs and copies of guidance for Goverment Departments on the establishment of Executive Agencies and NDPBs.

Last updated - 9th April 2010

Public Bodies is the annual Cabinet Office report on the non-departmental public bodies (NDPB) sector. Public Bodies 2009 lists all NDPBs as at 31 March 2009 – and provides headline information on the staffing, funding and expenditure of the NDPB sector. Public Bodies 2009 also provides statistical information on those serving on the boards of NDPBs and similar public bodies.

Earlier editions of Public Bodies

Public Bodies has been published annually since 1980. Copies dating back to 1998 are available online.

Information on individual NDPBs

The Cabinet Office report Public Bodies provides lists of all NDPBs and headline information on the NDPB sector. More detailed information on each NDPB is published by individual Departments and by the NDPB itself.

Executive Agencies: A Guide for Departments

Public Bodies: A Guide for Departments

This updated guidance supersedes the previous September 2004 version of the NDPB Guidance.

Overview of Guidance Documents - Contents
Chapter 1: Case assessment and classification of a Public Body
Chapter 2: Policy and characteristics of a Public Body
Chapter 3: Setting up a new Public Body - The Legislative Requirements
Chapter 4: Setting up a New Executive NDPB - The Practical Tasks
Chapter 5: Public Body Staff
Chapter 6: Financial Management - Accountability
Chapter 7: Financial Management - Planning, Funding and Control
Chapter 8: Policy - Openness and Accountability
Chapter 9: Reviewing a Public Body
Chapter 10: Dissolving a Public Body