Introduction to the report on the outcome of the Disability Consultation

In January 2003 Cabinet Office set up a Disability Working Group. The group was requested to examine issues around disability monitoring in the Civil Service. The group has a broad membership, consisting of representatives from Cabinet Office, other Civil Service departments and agencies, the Trade Unions and external organisations and agencies with a role or a duty to promote equality for disabled people.

Last updated - 2nd December 2008

The main areas for consideration that the group identified were:

  • the culture within the Civil Service, which might be perceived as militating against staff who have concerns about declaring themselves as a disabled person;
  • the under recording of the proportion of disabled civil servants; and
  • the quality and reliability of the data that is recorded, collected and reported on.

The detailed activities of the Disability Working Group have been carried out through three sub-groups. The second sub-group had a specific brief to consider the data issues, with regard to monitoring and collecting information on disabled staff in the Civil Service. It is the outcome of the work of the second sub-group that led to the consultation exercise.

The aim of the consultation was to seek the views of colleagues in departments and agencies with regard to several proposed changes to the way in which we record, collect and report information on disabled staff. A detailed consultation document was drafted and agreed by the Disability Working Group, which explained the proposed changes by providing the background as to why they were considered necessary and why they should lead to an improvement in the data profile on disabled staff across the Civil Service. It is anticipated that these improvements in data will take effect in 2005/06.

It was the expressed view of the Disability Working Group that we would aim to address these issues, in an appropriate manner, for disabled people within the Civil Service, while ensuring the integrity of the data and respecting the confidential nature of information relating to individuals.

Report on the outcome of the Disability Consultation

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