Pension Circulars 2005

These circulars keep APACs up to date with developments affecting Civil Service pension arrangements.

Pension Circulars 2005

PC Number

Date issued


PC257 [PDF 461KB] 

December 2005

Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme (Amendment) Scheme 2005
Civil Service Compensation Scheme (Amendment) Scheme 2005
Civil Service Injury Benefit Scheme (Amendment) Scheme 2005
Civil Service Additional Voluntary Contributions Scheme (Amendment) Scheme 2005
Partnership Pension Account Death Benefit Scheme (Amendment) Scheme 2005

PC256 [PDF 85KB]

November 2005

Added Years by Lump Sum on Early Retirement
Replacement manual pages

PC255 [PDF 130KB]

November 2005

1} Implications of tax simplification for Compulsory Early Retirement and Flexible Early Retirement benefits
2) Information about tax simplification to be given to members

PC254 [PDF 136KB]

November 2005

Transfers to other overseas pension schemes or arrangements.
Replacement Pensions Manual pages Volume 5 Transfers To section 8.4

PC253 [PDF 862KB]

October 2005

Updates to the Pensions Manual

PC252 [PDF 208KB]

October 2005

Restoration of widows’ and widowers’ pensions.
Replacement Pensions Manual pages Volume 3 Family Benefits Section 6N.1

PC251 [PDF 77KB]

October 2005

Tax simplification and pension aggregation exercise: current members over pension age
Aggregation Choices letter and form [DOC 39KB]

PC250 [PDF 95KB]

October 2005

Bulk transfers on compulsory transfers of employment

PC249 [PDF 398KB]

September 2005

Tax simplification and pension aggregation exercise

PC248 [PDF 130KB]

August 2005

Gender Recognition legislation

PC247 [PDF 116KB]

August 2005

Pensions on divorce

PC246 [PDF 79KB]

July 2005

Death Benefit Nominations for deferred members and pensioners of Classic

PC245 [PDF 30KB]

July 2005

Opting out of, and back into, Civil Service pension arrangements (PCSPS)

PC244 [PDF 96KB]

May 2005

Paying Contributions Equivalent Premiums (CEPS)

PC243 [PDF 82KB]

May 2005

1) Pension sharing on divorce
2) Updates and corrections to the Pensions Manual and APAC Guidance Notes

PC227 Addendum [PDF 71KB]

April 2005   

Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme
Departmental Resource Accounts: Disclosure of Salary and Pension Information
Resource accounts disclosure [XLS 45KB]

PC242 [PDF 78KB]

April 2005

Calculating the adjustment for market conditions (AMC)

PC241 [PDF 76KB]

March 2005

The classic scheme – Mis-selling of Personal Pensions: Uprated GMP Revaluation Factors

PC240 [PDF 82KB]

January 2005

Principal Civil Service Pensions Scheme – Overpayments of National Insurance Rebates – Transfers to the PCSPS

PC239 [PDF 78KB]

January 2005

Revised scheme factors (2)