Boosting pensions

This section will tell you what you need to do when an employee asks about the following areas:

  • Added pension

  • Additional voluntary contributions 

  • Stakeholder pensions 

Last updated - 29th January 2009

Added pension and additional voluntary contributions

When an employee asks about buying added pension or making additional voluntary contributions, you should direct them to the 'Boosting pensions' information for their scheme in the scheme guides part of this site. If they cannot access the site, give them the contact details for your APAC, who will send them a leaflet.

The current providers of CSAVCs are:

Scottish Widows
Standard Life
Equitable Life (closed to new members)

Stakeholder pensions

Standard Life is the stakeholder pension provider for the Civil Service and employees will be able to contribute to this through the payroll or by direct debit. The process for arranging contributions through payroll is laid out in Section 3.3 of the Employers' Pension Guide under 'Designated stakeholder pension scheme'.

For more information employees may telephone Standard Life’s helpline (0800 333304) or log on to Standard Life’s website [External website].