Government responds to public’s comments on Programme for Government

Programme for Government response; Crown copyright30 July 2010

Government departments today published their responses to comments made by the public on the Coalition’s Programme for Government.

Over 9,500 comments were published, showing a commitment by members of the public, from all political persuasions and all walks of life to shape the debate on the country’s future. There were lively and informed debates on subjects as diverse as food labelling, the structure of local government and community energy projects.

The relevant department has published a response to the comments for each section, explaining the Government’s position on the most popular subjects and setting out the next steps in realising the Programme’s vision.

In a video posted on the Programme for Government website, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said:

The response has been fantastic and I’m pleased to see people have really engaged with this process.

“I hope people will see that this is different, it’s a permanent change to the way we run government, and that it is worthwhile engaging in this kind of process in the future. It’s important for us in government to remember we don’t have all the answers.”

Minister for Government Policy Oliver Letwin said:

At last, government has realised that there are 60 million citizens who really do have ideas. Through processes like this, we can give real power to the people and make things open.

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Notes to Editors 

  1. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander and Minister for Government Policy Oliver Letwin have recorded a video message in response to the public interaction on the Programme for Government. It can be viewed at [external website].
  2. The Programme for Government was launched by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister on 20 May 2010. It sets out the Coalition’s plans for a radical, reforming partnership government over the next five years.
  3. Links to the departmental responses for each section of the Programme for Government can also be found on the website, at [external website].
  4. The Spending Challenge for the public sector, open for two weeks from 24 June received over 63,000 ideas.
  5. The Spending Challenge for the public opened 9 July and has received over 32,500 ideas.
  6. Your Freedom opened on 1 July and has so far received around 12,500 ideas, 72,000 comments and 193,000 ratings.
  7. For Cabinet Office press office contact details, visit the press office page.
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