Application Process and Guidance

Please read the following application guidance notes carefully prior to completing your application form. By applying you are agreeing to the eligibility requirements in the guidance notes. We will not contact you to query or double-check any of the information that you provide, or any omissions.

Last updated - 1st October 2010

 1. Check your Eligibility

You must confirm that you are eligible to apply for the scheme, and meet the criteria set out below:

To be eligible applicants must:

  • Be a UK national, Commonwealth citizen or a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), and

  • If a holder of a student visa, be allowed under the conditions of this visa to undertake a full-time paid student placement in the UK without a work permit, and

  • Be on course for a 2:1 or 1st class degree, as indicated by exam results, and

  • Not have already had a placement with the GES

You must also be studying for one of the following:

  • Undergraduate degree in Economics or an MSc/MA/Postgraduate Diploma in Economics.

  • If a mixed degree with economics as one of the subjects, such as Business Economics, then at least 50% of the course modules must be in economics. You must be studying both macro and microeconomics.

  • If a joint honours undergraduate degree at a Scottish university, then at least 50% of the final two years of the course must be in economics. 

  • If a Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) degree, then at least 50% of the final two years of the course must be in economics.

Due to the nature of the work, the placements are not open to first year undergraduates.

If you are not studying for a recognised sandwich degree course, and applying for the sandwich student scheme, you will need permission from your university to undertake a 1-year placement.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible to apply for the scheme, please contact the GES Team with your queries before submitting your application.

2. Complete and Submit the Application Form

Complete the application form available on the GES website and submit it to the GES Team via email, once the scheme has opened for applications. We will not accept applications before the scheme opens. We will close the scheme when a sufficient number of applications have been received, which will be before the latest closing date.

Your application will not be accepted if you do not submit the following information:

  • All modules of undergraduate or postgraduate degree or diploma completed, currently being studied, and due to be studied (if known), including grades so far

  • Final grade for each year

  • The number of credits allotted to each module and total number of credits taken thus far

  • All economics modules marked as (Econ)

Applications will only be considered on the application form provided. Incomplete application forms, Curriculum Vitae (CVs) and cover letters will not be considered.

Applicants who have visa status must send a copy of their visa with their application form so that we can ensure that the visa covers the period of the placement. Candidates are not eligible if they require a work permit.

3. The Application Sift

The GES Team will sift your application form. In sifting the applications to decide which candidates to consider for interview, particular weight will be attached to the section on competencies, so do try and think of examples which best demonstrate these.

4. Interviews

If your application is successful at the sift stage, you will be considered for interview.

At this stage, the GES Team will ask you to provide a reference from your university economics tutor, confirming that you are suitable for an economics placement with the GES. We must receive this before your interview date. If your tutor considers you to be unsuitable, you will not be invited to interview.

Full details on the interview process will be included in the invite to interview letter. As a guide, the interview assesses your knowledge of economics, general competencies and your suitability for the role. Sometimes, you will be required to complete a numeracy test. To help you prepare if you are invited to interview, sample economics questions and a sample numeracy test are provided on the Interview Examples page.

5. Offer Stage

If you are successful at interview, you will be offered a placement, subject to the satisfactory completion of pre-appointment enquiries.

Where a limited number of placements are available, candidates successful at the interview stage but not offered a placement will be placed in a reserve pool of applicants should any further vacancies arise. Occasionally, vacancies might be withdrawn from the scheme before placements are offered. In such cases, applicants will be placed in the reserve pool.