Civil Service pensions

The Civil Service gives its staff a choice of pension.

The majority of new civil servants are automatically enrolled on entry into our defined benefit pension, called nuvos.

But if they choose, they can have a personal pension instead, called partnership.

Civil servants value their pension as part of their total pay and reward package. Members contribute towards their pension, and their employers also pay a significant contribution to provide the scheme benefits.

The pension scheme is set by statute. It is managed by Cabinet Office, supported by a Governance Group of representatives nominated by Cabinet Office and the Council of Civil Service Unions. 

More detail about pensions can be found in My Pension.

More information

  • Pensions helplines and complaints

    If you a have a query about your pension, this is the page for you.

  • Scheme rules

    Civil Service Pension Scheme Rules

  • Scheme guides

    If you are a current member, and want more information about the pension scheme you are in, see your pages in the scheme guides section.  If you don’t know which pension scheme you are in, you can find out by either checking your most recent Annual Benefit Statement, or asking your pensions administrator.  If you don’t know who your pensions administrator is, you can look up their contact details under Pensions helplines.

    Currrent members may also wish to look at our newsletters page 

  • Public Sector Transfer Club

    The Public Sector Transfer Club (PSTC) is a group of salary-related occupational pension schemes that use special terms to calculate transfer payments for employees who move between member schemes.