Job evaluation for senior posts

JESP is an analytical job evaluation methodology that has been designed specifically for evaluating roles in the Senior Civil Service and underpins the SCS pay banding structure.

Last updated - 4th December 2008

The JESP evaluation factors are:

  • Managing people
  • Accountability
  • Judgement
  • Influencing
  • Professional competence (where appropriate)

Central responsibility and support for JESP

The Cabinet Office maintains the JESP system and assists the departments and agencies in its application by:

  • providing advice and guidance on the methodology;
  • training evaluators in its use;
  • advising, training and calibrating scoring panels.

Before any role is placed into SCS pay band 3 approval must be sought from the Cabinet Office's Senior Leadership Committee. A JESP evaluation will form, part of the evidence submitted to the Committee.


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Welfare bodies

The partnership with these organisations is part of the Civil Service's commitment to a better deal for staff. You can get information about each of these bodies by following the relevant link below.

To speak to someone about these partnerships and how they operate, please call Bill Fitzmaurice on 020 7276 2230.