Religion or belief

The Civil Service believes everyone must have the same opportunity for employment and advancement based on their suitability for the work. There must be no unfair discrimination based on someone's religion or belief.

Last updated - 7th January 2009

The following examples illustrate the Civil Service's commitment to promoting equality for people of all religions and beliefs:

  • We issue Office Notices reminding staff of major religious festivals, and to consider the needs of their colleagues.
  • We have developed guidance for staff and managers, to provide advice on the major world religions and what these mean for people who follow them.
  • We encourage managers to be flexible regarding 'privilege' days for those not celebrating events such as Easter and Christmas.
  • We ask staff before they attend a training course/conference whether they have any special needs - e.g. dietary requirements.
  • We encourage staff networks for different religions.
  • We provide accommodation for prayer or 'quiet' rooms for use by staff of all faiths.

The Welsh Assembly is currently assisting the Cabinet Office with a project to survey the religion and belief of civil servants in a number of departments and agencies.

Following the pilot project and further discussion with departments, a recommendation will be made on how we should be monitoring religion and belief across the Civil Service.

HM Land Registry guidance

HM Land Registry has issued a booklet to its staff, designed to provide some general guidance on a range of world religions. This is available for anyone to download, and should give a better understanding of different faiths and cultures.

Download the HM Land Registry booklet