Guidance for employees

Different backgrounds, experiences and points of view bring positive benefits to our teams and the work they produce.

These are some things you should remember when recruiting or managing your team day-to-day.

Last updated - 9th December 2008

What you can do

Show respect:

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Ask colleagues how they would like to be addressed, and how to pronounce/spell their names if unsure.
  • Respect the beliefs of others about food, dress and social etiquette, and do not behave in ways which could cause offence.
  • Don't assume that treating everyone in the same way is the same thing as treating everyone fairly.

Keep an open mind:

  • Communicate openly with each other.
  • We can all learn from each other and our different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Acknowledge and guard against your own prejudices, we all have them.

Racial, cultural and ethnic identity is often, but not always, closely related with religion/faith, and we should remember this when working with colleagues from different backgrounds.