Guidance for managers - Age

It's important that everyone in your team has the chance to thrive within the Civil Service, regardless of their age or experience.

Last updated - 9th December 2008

What you can do

Ensure you act fairly:

  • Recruit, develop and promote staff regardless of age.
  • Keep abreast of age regulations and legislation, and inform staff as necessary.
  • Promote the Civil Service as an employer of choice by highlighting the benefits of working for us - such as childcare facilities, flexible working practices, continuous training and our pension provision.

Don't make assumptions:

  • Don't assume older staff are less able to learn, or younger staff do not have the competencies needed for a role.
  • Don't second-guess your employees' intentions over retirement.

Useful links

The Employers Forum on Age (EFA) is the UK's leading authority on age. Founded in 1996, the EFA is an independent network of leading employers who recognise the value of an age-diverse workforce. In addition to supporting employers, the EFA influences Government, business and trade unions, campaigning for real practical change.

Age Positive is run by a team in the Department for Work and Pensions, in Sheffield and London, responsible for strategy and policies to support people making decisions about work and retirement. The Age Positive campaign promotes the benefits of employing a mixed-age workforce that includes older and younger people.