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Budget 2011 - 23 March

The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has delivered his second Budget, outlining how the government plans to raise and spend money during the coming year.

Read on for details of the changes he announced to taxes, spending, rules and regulations.


Budget 2011 - key points

Chancellor George Osborne has delivered his Budget speech. It outlines how the government plans to raise and spend money during the coming year. Read on for details of what was announced in the March 2011 Budget.

The detailed Budget documents

The full Budget Report contains the detailed text and figures behind the Budget announcements.

The documents are available on the HM Treasury website in a PDF format. You can download the entire report in one file or chapter-by-chapter.

The Budget speech

A visual representation of the Chancellor's 2011 Budget speech. The size of each word reflects how often it was used. (Word cloud:

Previous Budgets

Find out about the June 2010 Budget where the Chancellor announced changes to taxes and benefits, as well as new spending plans for the public sector. Also, find out about the Spending Review that outlined government spending plans until 2015.

Background to the Budget

The budget guide gives information on what the Chancellor’s speech covers and what happens on the day. Also, find out fascinating facts about the history and traditions of the day including Budget speech drinks.

Budget podcast

A podcast with highlights of Chancellor George Osborne's Budget 2011 speech is available.

To listen to, or download the podcast, follow the links below.

You need to have Flash and Javascript working on your computer to use the podcast player. Instead you can download the audio file.

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