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Travel and customs

This section tells you what you can expect when you travel across the UK border, and what you must do if you want to travel to, from or through the UK.

The information here is for all travellers, including UK passport holders, residents and short-term visitors.

We are responsible for protecting the UK border so that authorised travellers and legitimate goods can pass freely. We do this through the work of our visa staff overseas, and the immigration and customs checks carried out by our border force at ports and airports.

If you are making a short-term visit to the UK, the section on Visitors' rights and responsibilities will tell you whether you can do business while you are here, what medical treatment is available to you, and whether you will need to register with the police.

Before you travel

This section explains who needs to apply for permission before travelling to the UK, why we collect information on passengers before they travel to and from the UK, and the requirements for general aviation operators and pilots who want to travel to or from the UK.

Entering the UK

This section explains what happens when you arrive at our border, how to use our IRIS system to enter the UK quickly,and what happens if you are refused permission to enter.

In transit through the UK

This section explains how you can pass through the UK when travelling on to another country, describes the 'transit without visa' concession andthe direct airside transit visa, and tells you which documents you will need.


This section explains the restrictions on what you can bring into the UK, and how to go through customs controls at the UK border.