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This section details the key contact information for the UK Border Agency. Our organisation deals with a number of different types of application and enquiry. Therefore we strongly recommend that you review the relevant section of the website to find the most appropriate contact for your query.

This website has been designed to provide all the information you need to understand our immigration system and application processes. If you still have queries after reviewing the site, key contact information can be found in our contact directory.

Contact directory

Contact information for our call centres and press office.

Report an immigration crime or smuggling

How to report an illegal immigrant, another immigration crime or a customs offence.

Apply in person

Book an appointment and apply in person at a public enquiry office for settlement or an extension of your stay.

Biometric enrolment

How to enrol your fingerprints and facial photograph if you have made an application by post.

Super premium service

This service for processing applications includes a visit to an address of your choice to enrol your biometric information.

Making a complaint or comment

How to complain or comment on the UK Border Agency, the service we provide, or this website.

Requesting information

How to make a freedom of information request or ask for your personal data under the Data Protection Act.

What our staff expect

What our staff expect from you when you contact us.