Marriage registration

Marriage registration guidance for authorised persons.

Authorised persons

The trustees or governing body of a religious building that is certified for religious worship may choose to register their building for marriage. Once registered, the trustees or governing body can appoint an authorised person to register marriages in the building’s own set of marriage registers. 

The appointment is made by two trustees or members of the governing body of the registered building completing a form know as a “certificate of appointment of authorised person by trustee or governing body of a registered building.”

A copy of the form can be found below. The completed form should be sent to the General Register Office as the appointment has to be recorded by the Registrar General before the authorised person can commence their duties.

The General Register Office has produced the guide below for authorised persons. This provides advice on how to keep accurate records as well as the authorised persons role at marriage ceremonies.

Download the authorised persons certificate of appointment form
Download the guide for authorised persons
Download edition one of the authorised persons newsletter

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