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This website is designed to support your studies in history. Whether you need to do some research for a personal study, prepare a presentation, produce some coursework, or revise for a history exam, there is something here for everyone.

We also have material to help you with essay writing, revision, work with historical sources and understanding archives.

If you are looking for film to use in your presentations and projects, we have two film websites where you can download film clips for free.

Finally, to give you a break, we have included some games!

On the website you will find a range of resources including lessons, topics and podcasts. The lessons are stand alone investigations using sources which fit into the history curriculum. The topic websites cover a huge range of historical periods. Most of them consist of source based case studies, which examine key questions. Other topic websites are more useful for research.

All of the resources on the website are listed under the time periods given below. However, if you prefer, you can reach them from the topics, lessons or podcast sections of the education site.

Here are the time periods:

Medieval 1066-1485

Some of the highlights in this section include investigations using medieval maps and cartoons. There are a lot of different resources on Domesday Book including some film clips about how it was made. Again, if you want to find out about medieval crime there is a large topic website on the subject.

Early Modern 1485-1750

This section is best for sources on the Tudors and the Stuarts including documents about Henry VIII's court, the royal seal of Elizabeth I and even Shakespeare's will. There is also a topic website on the history of the English Civil War packed with original sources.

Empire and industry 1750-1850

There are two topic websites on the rise of the British Empire and the history of slavery. If you are looking for sources on the Factory Act 1833 or what people thought of the new Poor Law 1834 there are some useful lessons here.

The Victorians 1850-1901

Many resources covering different aspects of Victorian society can be found here, from lessons on child criminals to homes, families and leisure all based on original photographs, letters and reports. A detailed topic website also covers the period.

Early 20th century 1901-1918

A topic website called The Great War covers the experiences of those who fought and how the war has been remembered. The suffragette movement is explored in the 1906-1918 topic website. Lastly, if you want to find out how children were taught at the start of the century, who was on board the Titanic, or watch film footage of the Edwardians at the funfair, look in this time period.

Interwar 1919-1939

There are lessons here using sources on the how the British Government reacted to the occupation of the Rhineland in 1936 and the Munich Agreement of 1938. In the topic website Heroes and Villains there are sections using sources relating to the dictators Mussolini and Stalin between the wars.

Second World War 1939-1945

In the topic website on the Second World War you will find animated maps to show the different areas of conflict and twenty source based investigations. Find out about ration books and air shelters in the Home Front topic site. If you are interested in how the war was reflected in posters, films, cartoons and books at the time, visit the Art of War topic website.

Postwar 1945 - present

The secrets of the Cold War, the life of Martin Luther King and the experiences of immigration to the UK are all covered through our collections in a range of topic websites in this section. There is also a lesson using original documents looking at suggestions of corruption during the World Cup in 1966.