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National public consultations are carried out in accordance with the Government's Code of Practice on Consultation which came into effect on 1 November 2008.   This helps guide us on how to consult openly, inclusively and responsively. Consultation periods normally last at least 12 weeks, although there are circumstances in which shorter consultations will be unavoidable (for instance, where timescales are set out in law).

A draft (Partial) Regulatory Impact Assessment will be included as part of most national public consultations and where proposals may create burdens for business.

The Highways Agency applies the Government's Code to all consultations which are in the public domain, including public consultations on road projects, though application of the Code will be proportionate to the type of consultation taking place. Many of these local consultations are listed here alongside national consultations. However, if the consultation you are looking for is not listed here, please visit our Road Projects page.

If the consultation you are looking for is not on the website or if you think that the Government's Code of Practice on Consultation has not been followed in other ways, please email:

If you have any general queries about the Highways Agency please visit our Contact Us page..

Final Regulatory Impact Assessments

A Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) is a tool which informs policy decisions. It is an assessment of the impact of policy options in terms of the costs, benefits and risks of a proposal.

It is government policy that all departments and agencies where they exercise statutory powers and make rules with a general effect on others should produce RIAs.

A final RIA is published alongside all legislation that imposes costs on, or realises benefits to, business, charities and the voluntary sector.

More information about Impact Assessments can be found on the Department for Business Innovation and Skills 
website.  Further information is also available on their website Scrutinising New Regulations. All central Government's Impact Assessments get published on the IA library.

Closed Consultations

Please note that closed Consultations dated from 2008 or earlier can be found on the The National Archives website.

Live Consultations
Name of Consultation Document Closing Date
Archived Consultations
Name of Consultation Document Closed Date
Lighting & Marking Code of Practice Consultation 31 December 2010
M1 J25 - 28 Controlled Motorways 29 April 2010
M25 J7 - J10 Controlled Motorway - Public Consultation 05 March 2010
M1 Junctions 6A - 10 Controlled Motorway Public Consultation 01 March 2010
Birmingham Motorway 'Box' - Managed Motorways Phase 2 Consultation Pack
M20 Motorway Consultation
M25 J2-3 Controlled Motorway
Birmingham Motorway 'Box' - Active Traffic Management (ATM) Phases 1 and 2