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Press Release RSS Feeds

Press Release information delivered by RSS

You can subscribe to our RSS national and regional press releases so you can be sure to receive our latest headlines straight to your desktop, the moment we publish them to our website. Simply choose to receive a national press feed or one of our regionalised feeds from the list below.

You will need an RSS News Reader or similar software to read our RSS feeds, although many internet browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer v7 now come with their own built-in RSS News Reader. To subscribe to a feed, all you need to do is click the orange RSS button or drag it into your News Reader.

For more information about RSS including details on how to receive the feeds, please read the RSS - your questions answered.

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RSS Latest Press Statements

RSS All press releases across England

RSS Press releases issued Nationally

RSS Press releases for East England

RSS Press releases for South East England

RSS Press releases for East Midlands

RSS Press releases for West Midlands

RSS Press releases for North East of England

RSS Press releases for North West of England

RSS Press releases for South West of England

RSS Press releases for Yorkshire and Humberside