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M62 - Your Local History

A lot of finds were uncovered during the archaeological evaluation carried out for the M62 Junction 6 Improvement scheme so we thought it would be nice to provide an interactive website so you can see what we found.


Better information for your journey

The National Traffic Control Centre collects real-time information on road conditions

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Our traffic forecaster can help get you there quicker

Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre

In this section you'll find a wealth of information about issues relating to our work. Get facts and figures, explore environmental issues, find statistics about road use and safety, and read a brief history of our roads.

Information about the Agency as an organisation can be found under About Us.

Top Features

We are continually developing new ways to ease congestion on our network. Motorway access management is one trial we have devised, incorporating intelligent traffic signals that help smooth your journeys
Respecting the Environment
The Highways Agency has a strong track record in environmental management.

Discover how the Highways Agency's Traffic Officers keep traffic moving.

Electronic information signs provide advance warning to drivers of emergencies, incidents and road management.

We aim to tackle congestion by providing access to information that enables people to make smarter travel choices.