Notice of rights and entitlements

Notice of rights and entitlements

The notice of rights and entitlements sets out a person's rights while in police detention, and is issued in accordance with PACE Code C, paragraph 3.2. In compliance with Note for Guidance 3B of that Code, the revised notice has been translated into Welsh and 42 other languages. You can download either the text of the notice (PDF) or listen to an audio version of the notice (WAV).

You can download either the text of the notice (in PDF format using Adobe Reader) or listen to an audio version of the notice (as a WAV file).

Table outlining the notice of rights and entitlements of individuals while in police detention, in 44 languages

Language (English) Language (Language specific) Text (PDF) Audio (.wav)
English English text size 66K English audio size 6.19Mb
Welsh   Welsh text size 119K Welsh audio size 7.31Mb
Albanian   Albanian text size 68K Albanian audio size 6.54Mb
Arabic   Arabic text size 201K Arabic audio size 6.51Mb
Bengali   Bengali text size 93K Begali audio size 7.03Mb
Bulgarian   Bulgarian text size 271K Bulgarian audio size 6.26MB
Chinese Simplified   Chinese Simplified text size 126K Chinese Simplified audio size 5.79Mb
Chinese Traditional   Chinese Traditional text size 131K Chinese Traditional audio size 6.80Mb
Croatian   Croatian text size 237K Croatian audio size 5.64Mb
Czech   Czech text size 274K Czech Audio size 6.99Mb
Danish   Danish text size 71K Danish audio size 4.70Mb
Dutch   Dutch text size 68K Dutch audio size 6.65Mb
Estonian   Estonian text size 64K Estonian audio size 5.48Mb
Farsi   Farsi text size 181K Farsi audio size 7.98Mb
French   French text size 79K French audio size 6.03Mb
German   German text size 65K German audio size 5.39Mb
Greek   Greek text size 276K Greek audio size 5.38Mb
Gujerati   Gujerati text size 63K Gujerati audio size 8.37Mb
Hausa   Hausa text size 67K Hausa audio size 14.20Mb
Hindi   Hindi text size 67K Hindi audio size 8.33Mb
Hungarian   Hungarian text size 243K Hungarian audio size 5.82Mb
Igbo   Igbo text size 67K Igbo audio size 9.07Mb
Italian   Italian text size 68K Italian audio size 5.25Mb
Kurdish Kurmanji   Kurdish Kurmanji text size 140K Kurdish Kurmanji audio size 7.75Mb
Kurdish Sorani   Kurdish Sorani text size 109K Kurdish Sorani audio size 5.91Mb
Latvian   Latvian text size 277K Latvian audio size 6.96Mb
Lithuanian   Lithuanian text size 273K Lithuanian audio size 5.00Mb
Maltese   Maltese text size 247K Maltese audio size 4.16Mb
Norwegian   Norwegian text size 71K Norwegian audio size 5.36Mb
Polish   Polish text size 265K Polish audio size 6.20Mb
Portuguese   Portuguese text size 68K Portuguese audio size 6.45Mb
Punjabi   Punjabi text size 92K Punjabi audio size 5.51Mb
Romanian   Romanian text size 274K Romanian audio size 5.98Mb
Russian   Russian text size 284K Russian audio size 6.09Mb
Slovak   Slovak text size 235K Slovak audio size 5.86Mb
Slovenian   Slovenian text size 197K Slovenian audio size 5.21Mb
Somali   Somali text size 75K Somali audio size 6.04Mb
Spanish   Spanish text size 69K Spanish audio size 6.99Mb
Swedish   Swedish text size 71K Swedish audio size 6.44Mb
Turkish   Turkish text size 262K Turkish audio size 6.91Mb
Twi   Twi text size 97K Twi audio size 8.02Mb
Urdu   Urdu text size 357K Urdu audio size 6.60Mb
Vietnamese   Vietnamese text size 73K Vietnamese audio size 5.59Mb
Yoruba   Yoruba text size 234K Yoruba audio size 10.20Mb

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