Independent sexual violence advisers

ISVAs are victims-focused advocates, funded to work with victims of recent and historic serious sexual crimes to enable them to access the services they need in the aftermath of the abuse they have experienced.

The support provided by an ISVA will vary from case to case, depending upon the requirements of the victim and their particular circumstances. However, the core role of an ISVA includes making sure that victims of sexual abuse have the best possible practical advice on what counselling and other services are avaiable to them, on the process involved in reporting a crime to the police, and on taking their case through the criminal justice process, should they choose to do so.

On 8 March 2011, the government published a paper entitled  'Call to end violence against women and girls: action plan'. This paper emphasises our commitment to the frontline services which support victims of VAWG including sexual violence, and follows on from the strategic narrative which was published on 25 November 2010. Amongst the commitments made in November was an undertaking to provide central funding from the Home Office for specialist services over the next four years to 2014/15.

As part of this, the Home Office has made £1.72m funding per annum available to support ISVAs working in the voluntary and community sector and in SARCs over the next four years on a stable basis. Awards of up to £20,000 per post have recently been made to support ISVAs working in the voluntary and community sector and Sexual Assaulted  Referral Centres (SARCs) across England and Wales. You can see the list of the organisations which were successful in their bids for Home office funding for 2011/12.

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