This page covers non-personal data relating to trends and information on crime, and public perceptions.

Links to latest tables in the annual crime statistics (new window) and quarterly crime statistics from the British Crime Survey and police recorded crime statistics are provided below. Additional explanatory notes and classifications for police recorded crime and the BCS is available in volume 2.

Crime in England and Wales


Statistics on football banning orders

Football banning orders 2001-08:

Car theft index 2006 (using data from 2005)
Data used to produce the 2006 car theft index:

Car theft index 2005 (using data from 2004)
Data used to produce the 2005 car theft index:

Car Theft Index 2004 (using data from 2003)
Data used to produce the 2004 Car Theft Index:

See further information about the data used to compile the indexes. There is also a motorbike theft index.

Also available in PDF:

Crime mapping

Also available is a crime mapping tool (new window), which allows you to create maps showing how crime is counted and rated in England and Wales.

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