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Community transport and Shopmobility

Some areas have community transport services for people who have difficulty using public transport. Shopmobility schemes operate throughout the country.

Community transport services

Community transport services are provided by local councils. The services that might be available include door-to-door transport and services offering trips to shopping centres. Services vary by local area and there are often fewer services in rural areas.

The a2b info website lists community transport services in England. It has a searchable database.

The following link takes you to a page where you can enter details of where you live and then be taken you to your local council website, where you can find out more about community transport schemes in your area. This search only covers England.

Taxi schemes

Your local council may operate taxi schemes, possibly using vouchers or tokens.

If you qualify to use such a scheme, you will be given a card or a number of tokens. These can be exchanged with certain taxi firms instead of cash. The local council then pays the taxi firm.

London taxis - 'black cabs'

All London taxis are accessible to disabled customers. You can book a taxi over the telephone using the 'One Number' service.

The telephone number for booking a taxi is: 0871 871 8710


Dial-a-rides are like taxis in that they can be booked to take you from door to door. They are wheelchair accessible and are generally for anyone who has difficulty with public transport. Services have to be pre-booked.

Fares, eligibility and the kind of journeys you can make vary from place to place.


Shopmobility schemes hire out or lend manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and powered scooters to anyone who needs help with mobility to get around. Shopmobility centres are usually located in a town centre or shopping centre, enabling people to go shopping and to visit leisure and commercial facilities.

All schemes operate independently but you can find out whether there is a scheme near you by contacting the National Federation of Shopmobility. As each scheme varies, it is important to contact the scheme you wish to visit before you go. In some centres you need to book in advance, for example.

There is sometimes a charge for using the service, though some centres provide it for free.

Telephone: 0845 644 2446

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