Fire Kills - you can prevent it

Fire Kills

Fire Kills resources for fire and rescue services

The Fire Kills campaign offers fire and rescue services a suite of campaign materials and resources to support local community engagement.

These resources, available exclusively to firefighters, can be viewed and downloaded from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) fire extranet.

Educational resources

Fire Kills has developed a fire safety education programme, in collaboration with professional educators and the Fire and Rescue Service. This programme contains curriculum-aligned teaching resources across Key Stages 1-4, including Foundation, in the following areas:

  • fire safety: prevention, detection and escape
  • hoax calls
  • fire setting and arson

The programme is designed to be used primarily by teachers, with the support of local Fire and Rescue Services.

Planning lessons on fire safety

The knowledge and experience of fire safety issues that you have will add impact and credibility to the programme. The programme includes lesson plans that are suitable for use by either a teacher or a Community Fire Safety Officer you should discuss these and agree with the teacher as to which of you is best placed to deliver these.

To view or download educational resources for each Key Stage, follow the links below.

Campaign resources

Along with access to the materials above, you can also watch TV adverts and fillers, and download a year planner detailing Fire Kills events and campaigns for 2011.

Additional links