Photo of NHS staff at work with the text: Working together for a stronger NHS

Government launches NHS listening exercise

Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley today launched the Government’s listening exercise on NHS modernisation. Setting out the Government’s desire to modernise the NHS with the support of patients, the public and … Continue reading


NHS Future Forum to provide channel for patient and staff opinion

Andrew Lansley has announced that a new group of patient representatives, doctors and nurses will be brought together to listen and report back to Government. Chaired by Birmingham GP and former Royal College of General Practioners Chairman Steve Field, the … Continue reading


Working together for a stronger NHS: Leaflet


This document describes why the way we provide health and care needs to change and the plan to modernise the NHS, and invites readers to get involved in the process. Read and comment on extracts: The cost of treatment is … Continue reading


Working together for a stronger NHS: How to get involved

There will be events running in every part of the country over the next two months. This will give people a chance to get involved – from specific events for NHS staff, to others involved with the NHS, and those … Continue reading


The cost of treatment is rising


Medical science is developing at an extraordinary rate. Genetics, nanotechnology and robotics are being integrated into the work of the NHS – and these discoveries are saving lives. Of course timely interventions with effective new drugs and treatments can deliver … Continue reading

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Our population is changing


Today people are routinely living longer lives than their parents and grandparents. For the first time ever there are more pensioners in this country than there are children under16. Clearly this is something to be welcomed; it gives us longer … Continue reading

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Aiming to be the best in the world


We enjoy healthcare in Britain that is the envy of billions around the world. But if our NHS was performing at truly world-class levels, we could save literally hundreds more lives every week. Every year we could save an extra … Continue reading

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Giving professionals more freedom


For years doctors and nurses have been burdened by bureaucracy and crushed under the weight of top-down targets. This has been bad for morale and terrible for patient care, as professionals’ time has (by their own admission) been skewed too … Continue reading


Giving patients more power


Too often people feel that while they can take control over most of the decisions in their lives – the things they buy, the entertainment they watch, the holidays they take – when it comes to public services, they have … Continue reading


Bringing together the best providers of healthcare


We believe in diversity. And we welcome the fact that in the NHS today there is already a range of different organisations providing services; from the charity running the hospice to the private company running the NHS walk-in centre. This … Continue reading