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Let's keep a good thing going

Latest: Recycling is still a good thing!

Your recycling efforts have already made a huge difference. In 2008, the amount of household waste we recycled reached an impressive 8.7 million tonnes. That alone saved the same amount of CO2 that nearly a million return flights from London to Sydney would produce. Recycling makes a real difference so lets keep a good thing going.

  • 95% recycled – out of all the materials put out for recycling last year, over 95% was successfully recycled
  • It’s better for the environment – last year alone we recycled 6 billion plastic bottles – that’s the same as each person in Britain recycling 99 bottles in a year!
  • It’s cheaper to recycle – on average it costs £45 to landfill a tonne of waste, so it’s cheaper to recycle than send the material to landfill.  

How can I help?

There are a few simple things you can do to keep up the good work and help to recycle more this year:

  • Find out what you can recycle locally – enter your postcode here to find out what you can recycle in your area or contact your local council
  • Pass on the good news! – Let family, friends and neighbours know the facts about recycling
  • Not sure if something can be recycled? – check our handy guide below to find out which items can and can’t be recycled, from batteries to bicycles

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