How do I register?

How to register:

If you would like to register for the RTFO please contact or call 020 7944 8555 to request the link to the RFA operating system (ROS).

What information you will need to register:

  •  Full legal name of your organisation
  •  The legal status of your organisation (e.g. plc, limited company, partnership, sole trader etc)
  •  Companies House number and date of incorporation (if your organisation is a company)
  •  VAT number if you have one
  •  Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) certificate number, if your organisation has one
  •  Full contact details for the organisation, yourself and the director.

We will also require individual proofs of identity for at least one director who will be responsible for ensuring the organisation is fully compliant with the RTFO.

Biofuel suppliers are advised that in order to qualify for Renewable Certificates, the fuel that they supply needs to meet the criteria set out in the Hydrocarbon Oils Duty Act 1979. These are the same criteria as HMRC apply when determining whether a road transport fuel qualifies for the reduced duty rate available for biofuels. 

For more information on the process please refer to the Guidance under Reports and Publications.

Last Modified: 13 Jul 2009

Last Modified: 26 Feb 2010