About Us

We are the organisation charged by the UK Government with running the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation. We allocate Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs) to suppliers of biofuels in the UK. We ensure obligated companies meet their annual obligation. We run the RTFO's world leading carbon and sustainability reporting system. We promote the supply of sustainable biofuels.

More than just an administrator, we are the UK's independent sustainable fuel regulator, reporting to the UK Parliament and the public on the impacts of fuel supplied under the RTFO. (We have made a list of acronyms and abbreviations available here. Please contact us should you notice any that are missing).

Suppliers of biofuels in the UK wishing to claim RTFCs must report to us through the online ‘RFA Operating System (ROS)' the volume of biofuel they supply, and its carbon and sustainability characteristics. We ensure that the data is verifiable and robust, and prevent fraud.

To make a positive contribution to a low carbon future, biofuels must be sustainable. The reports we publish on the carbon and sustainability of biofuel supplied in the UK are the first of their kind in the world. We report every month on the biofuels supplied in the UK, every quarter on the performance of individual suppliers and every year on the wider impacts of the RTFO.

To assist suppliers in their reporting, we provide a ‘Carbon calculator' to determine the lifecycle emissions from their fuels. We benchmark feedstock sustainability schemes against our ‘Meta-Standard' for biofuel sustainability.

We keep our stakeholders in the UK and beyond up to date with our activities and developments in the world of biofuels through regularly hosting and attending meetings and conferences, and with the monthly ‘Renewable Fuels Digest'.

In 2008 we undertook the ‘Gallagher review', which identified the importance of addressing the indirect effects of biofuel production, and may be asked to carry out further such reports by the UK Government in future. We are involved in several committees and working groups looking at biofuel sustainability.

We are a small organisation, led by an independent board with six members including our Chief Executive, and with fifteen staff. We have an annual budget of about £1.5 million and are based on the south coast of England in St Leonards-on-Sea.

We were legally created in October 2007, and are a Non-Departmental Public Body sponsored by the Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles Division of the Department for Transport.

Last Modified: 2 Sep 2010