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Building the Procurement Profession in Government

The Government Procurement Service (GPS) has led a programme of activity to raise capability, increase capacity and raise the profile of the procurement profession across government.

The GPS Strategy 'Building the Procurement Profession in Government', sets out a programme of activity for delivering a consistent approach to attracting, retaining and developing the right calibre of procurement professionals across central Government to manage procurement activities.   The strategy aims to increase the capability of central Government procurement professionals, ensuring that they have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage procurement activities which facilitate the delivery of Government policy and public services. 

All central Government departments were consulted during the development of the strategy, which was endorsed by the Permanent Secretaries Management Group (PSMG) in January 2009. Therefore, OGC has the approval of Permanent Secretaries to work with and support departments in the delivery of the strategy.

There are ten recommendations, which address aspects such as skills development, guidance for career progression and continuous professional development (CPD). The strategy also addresses issues such as the balance between permanent and interim staff, and between external and internal recruitment.  Following the publication of the Strategy in June 2009, Departments have been working with GPS to complete a gap analysis and commence implementation of the recommendations.

A copy of the 'Building the Procurement Profession in Government' strategy is available here (PDF, 2.5MB).

The strategy was informed by a GPS Annual Survey, held in 2008, which ensured that any solutions addressed the most relevant challenges facing the profession.  A subsequent survey was undertaken during 2009, to measure the success of the implementation of the strategy but also to make sure that the focus of activities continues to reflect the needs of the procurement profession.

If you have any questions relating to the strategy please see the FAQ’s (PDF, 55KB) or contact the OGC Service Desk on 0845 000 4999 or